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Listen up snowboarders!

Listen up snowboarders! In the Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis ski area nothing is left out for snowboarders. Quite the contrary - here the snowboarder’s heart is provided with what it desires. The Flight & Cross Park Serfaus at Plansegg along the Zanboden ski run is split into two parks. In the upper area is the rail park which has a variety of obstacles and a wave run. The main park is in the lower area and has 3 kickerlines, along with a medium boardercross and a chill area with beach chairs.


In the Funpark in the north of Fiss you’ll find everything that makes a Funpark. The Big-Air-Bag on the big Kicker is new. Slopestyle starts with the Rainbow rail, the table with 2 take-offs, straight rail and A-Frame rail, then the table which has an XL Kicker, L and M Kicker. There is also a table with XL-, M-Kicker and straight box ox, after that the kinked rail and to finish the Rainbow rail (12 metres), A-Frame Box (40 cm wide) across a VW-Bus, Kinked Box (40 cm wide); competition boardercross route with start machine. The whole funpark has music playing and is supervise by the Park Sheriff, Gabs.




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