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Relaxation in the Désirée

Sporting activities necessitate relaxation afterwards. After skiing or hiking make use of our wellness area to re-harmonise body, spirit and soul and whip those weary limbs into shape again. Very wellness, so to speak. With sauna, steam bath, heated benches, infra-red cabins, luxurious showers, drinking fountain, footbath and space to unwind. Quite simply a place to relax!

Sauna - healthy & beautiful

The sauna concept dates back millennia. The term comes from Finnish and translated basically means ‘sweating bath’. However, the origins of the sauna probably lie in Eastern Asia. It was here that the first guises of a stone sweating bath have been found. At that time water was poured over heated stones in burrows to generate steam. Regular trips to the sauna provide protection from colds and keep you fit and healthy. Trips to the sauna also nourish your skin and keep you looking beautiful.


The steam bath - a gentle alternative

The Ancient Greeks were already aware of the pleasant effects of the steam bath. The heat and humidity ratio here is totally the reverse of the classic sauna. At temperatures of between 40 °C and 50 °C there is up to 100% humidity in a steam bath. This means that the steam bath is especially recommended if you are unable to tolerate heat and are looking for a tonic for your skin and respiratory tract. An ideal combination of heat and humidity eases, cleanses, nourishes and relaxes.


Infrared - heat takes effect

When our body‘s "core temperature" rises, our immune system is also stimulated to mobilise more energy for a short time. Metabolic processes are ramped up. Blood flow to the tissues is increased, which means they are supplied with nutrients and oxygen. The special in-depth heat from Physiotherm infrared provides support for our bodies to become stronger, producing a slight, yet effective and specific increase in the body’s core temperature (below 38 °C).

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